Venue Specs

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FOH CONSOLE Midas M32-IP, monitors from FOH
FOH PROCESSING On board processing
FOH SPEAKERS (4) JBL VRX932 12” Line Array
(4) JBL SR4718x 18” Subs
MONITORS (6) dBTechnologies DVX DM28HP Active 8” Dual Monitors
(1) dBTechnologies Sub 15H
MICROPHONES  & DI’S (6) Shure SM58 Mics
(6) Shure SM57 Mics
(4) Sennheiser e604
(2) Shure SM94 Condenser (1) Shure Beta 52
(4) Radial ProDI Passive DI box (2) Radial ProDI Active DI box



LIGHTING (6) American DJ FLA120 60w LED
(4) American DJ INN480 Moving Head LED
(2) Par 64 cans
(5) SL1022 Floor LED Wash Light
LIGHTING CONTROL Jands Stage CL – LED Controller
VIDEO  Barboza does not have a projector or screen, and video projection will need to be provided by artist at artist’s sole expense.



DIMENSIONS 9’ deep x 12’ wide x 23” high
BARRICADE There is no barricade in Barboza
 RISERS  There are no risers in Barboza