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Black Ferns

Wednesday 9/27

8:00 pm

$15.00 - $17.00

This event is 21 and over

ADA SEATING: (not wheelchair accessible)
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INVSN’s latest album, The Beautiful Stories, is affecting people in ways that the band hoped for, but could not have fully anticipated. The world that this collection of music is being released into has been shaken, but itis not yet fully shattered. Itis wounded, but hopeful for recovery. It has been taken down a notch or two by grief, and strife, and discord, but as with many other grim points in history - new lows often lead to greater highs. The Beautiful Storiesis the soundtrack toall of this, and it’s exactly what music lovers need right now as they attempt to make sense ofanincreasingly maddening world. Set tobe released on June 9 via Dine Alone Records, this is the follow-up to the band’s self-titled 2013 album. While it’s their second album under the name INVSN, the members (Dennis Lyxzen - Vocals, Sara Almgren - Bass & Vocals, Anders Stenberg - Guitar & Keyboards, Andre Sandström - Drums & Percussion, Christina Karlsson - Keyboards & Vocals) have a his-tory that dates back as far as 1999 when they recorded and performed under the name Lost Patrol Band. “Me, Andre, and Anders have been playing together for many years now,” Dennis Lyxzen said during a call from his home in Sweden to discuss the new release. “Wereleased two albums, He-la Världen Brinner (2010), Saker Som Jag Sagt Till Natten (2011), under the name Invasionen, and then changed itto INVSN in 2013. This one (The Beautiful Stories) is the first one we’ve done only in English.”Prior to forming INVSN Dennis spent many years as the lead vocalist for Refused, and was also a key member of The (International) Noise Conspiracy. Sara Almgren, who joined the band in2011, was also a member of The (International) Noise Conspiracy aside from being in The Doughnuts - the first all-female straight-edge band in Sweden. Anders Stenberg is best known for being a touring member of Lykke Li’s band. Christina Karlsson has performed with Frida Selander, Tiger Forest Cat and Honungsvägen, and Andre Sandström bookends the overall hard-core discography of the group with his experience touring withDS-13, The Vicious, and UxVileheads.
Black Ferns
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925 E. Pike St.
Seattle, WA, 98122