Nite Jewel

Barboza Presents

Nite Jewel

Geneva Jacuzzi, Harriet Brown

Sunday 7/9

8:00 pm

$13.00 - $15.00

This event is 21 and over

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Nite Jewel
Two songs into her new record, Nite Jewel asks the operative question: was that a sign? The Los Angeles native has spent much of the past four years mulling that over. Her 2012 album, One Second of Love, captivated listeners for its willingness to play in the fringes of pop; elements of dance and electronic music were warped and bent into something that was equal parts foreign and instinctual. It served as the culmination of an aesthetic that the singer, born Ramona Gonzalez, had been cultivating since the last Bush years, and it was inescapable if you frequented the right crevices of California. But when it came time to follow it up, Gonzalez realized the world was pointing her in a new direction.

This story has been told before. Nite Jewel churned out demos for years, with her record label questioning whether she could go "pop" or not. The influence proved toxic. She realized she needed to separate from them; she had worked independently with success in the past and could do it again. She needed to remind herself why she was making music in the first place. And by the top of last year, she made that happen.

Last January, the pieces started falling into place. "I put all my gear—including my 8 track—in a walk-in closet," Gonzalez says. " I was free from the authority of a label and was back in my element. I felt like I had found my identity again." She was independent, free from authority, and able to regain creative control.

The end result is Liquid Cool, a fascinating collection of nine songs produced and performed entirely by Nite Jewel. The record explores the theme of aloneness in a crowded and disconnected world. On "Over the Weekend," Gonzalez aims for a kind of skeletal, kinetic intrigue that unspools into an of-the-moment rallying cry; "Boo Hoo" provides a danceable groove underscoring a tearful refrain; "Kiss the Screen" sounds like the best date you had in high school if it had taken place on Mars. "I felt like I was trying to talk to my audience, but couldn't be heard," she says. "There were barriers like money and bureaucracy." Liquid Cool examines that lack of connection, and does so in intoxicating fashion.

Liquid Cool is due out June 10th via Gloriette Records, Nite Jewel's own imprint on which she released her debut. Free from the constraints of corporate backing, the new album is poised to cut through the din of 2016 and move listeners in incisive and deeply personal ways. Music is usually an act of world building, creating a new plane on which an artist can exist; Liquid Cool is about stripping away the pieces of our own lives until we can really see one another again.

"For her first album in four years, Los Angeles artist and producer Ramona Gonzalez pared down her sound to its bedroom-disco essence. Drawing on the vibe of contemporary R&B, vintage synth pop and underground beat music, her new album, "Liquid Cool," brims with anthemic hooks but offers them with a relaxed ambivalence. With textures that suggest "Dirty Mind"-era Prince, the concise three- and four-minute tracks vibe like never-were AM radio hits. It was written and performed by Gonzalez in her home's walk-in closet; as a result, "Liquid Cool" is missing the commercial sheen that propels could-be hits onto the mainstream charts. In its stead, though, is something more vital: a singular artistic vision." - Los Angeles Times "Essential Summer Music Guide" review of "Liquid Cool"

"Combining both lush, elaborate pop and darker, deconstructed electro, Gonzalez adeptly owns her sound throughout her long-awaited return." - Consequence Of Sound

"Over 9-tracks, she expands on the ethereal sound she has put forward on past releases, providing a dose of chilliness before the heat of summer." - The Fader
Geneva Jacuzzi
Geneva Jacuzzi (born Geneva Garvin) is a Los Angeles-based visual artist, musician, composer, and playwright who is known for her synth-driven bedroom pop recordings, theatrical stage performances, and retro-style video art. She has honed a blithe and cryptic wit filled with telling people what to do, body-motional detachment, bodiless baby traffic directing, humanoid furniture, nonsense, puns, mime control, that's-not-what-i-meant-aphors, and double le mas-tendres.
Since the early 2,000's Jacuzzi has developed a cult following after self releasing multiple albums of analog 8-track cassette home recordings. Her lyrics describe blood being thrown onto fire, clown-like machines in search of sadness and the raging monologues of future/past elemental beings. Her videos and live performances portray the story of a once abundant Self being shattered into a variety of other personas, all being played by Jacuzzi, and all cannibalizing-commodifying their rape revenge upon the idea of an original Self which is now lost if not mythical, somewhere in the Islands of the Jacuzzi.

In 2011, Jacuzzi, teaming up with long time muse and playwright, Casey Obelisk, began her latest project titled "Dark Ages" which pulls together most of her past and present work into an epic multimedia art project. Functioning as a play, Part I was presented in the form of a music video montage and Vice Magazine editorial takeover which introduced the concept of the broken Creation Myth Feedback Loop (the CMFL) - the current episode being the primordial origin of Julie Zygote, a sort of edenic sacrificial alter-ego of Jacuzzi. Since then, scenes from the play have been presented in the form of video, Installation, sound recording, sculpture, and performance. Live performances have been staged in multiple venues in over 20 countries across the globe.

Initially, Jacuzzi formed a number of mysterious and fleeting bands (Hot Pajamas, Sex Carpet, etc.). Then, from 2004-2007, she fronted the band The Bubonic Plague, an influential cult favorite in LA's Echo Park district. She also played in bands including Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti (2006-2008), Super Creep, Vibe Central, etc.. By 2010, she debuted her first album, "Lamaze" on Vinyl International, a collection of songs taken from previous unofficial releases. All of the Jacuzzi/Bubonic Plague recordings were written, played and produced by Geneva herself. Her archive of music consists of over 400 songs, most of which have never been released.

At the present, more episodes of the "Dark Ages" series along with shows and new music are currently in the works. Her hope is to run over many a body with the car service of her Self, with no accidents, and to not know where she's going (not to mention hanging out in the laundromat and learning how Blood Phallus Brand Fishfood, together with Swan Face Aerosol Laundry Softener, can turn any normal laundry into a sea worthy vessel).

Face it, she has to live down here with the rest of us for now. But for now, at 7am she has to be on a plane, her face like a zombie memorizing your souls. If perchance you happen to apply her Bluutfelix brand roll-on, listen closely to it. These are the voices of your deceased ancestors, all their brains and mouths in cans of salty watery perfumed ham, a real nice gift! Smooth and dry with a lot less of that embarrassing residue!
Harriet Brown
Born in the air of paradise, Harriet Brown has descended from the heavens to join in on the wild rhythms of our Lady Earth. Come partake in his entry to this new world, and witness his paradisiacal sounds and sensual vibes. Synthesizers, drum machines, guitar, and brazen vocals are unified through the mind and body of one man, generating a sound in which the past becomes the future; Harriet Brown is creating a new kind of romantic funk. His journey has just begun, and he seeks to share himself with all who are willing to receive. So come and get freaky with your very own Harriet Brown. It's a New Era.
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