Rob Sonic feat. Milk Gold

Diveyede Presents: Defriender Tour

Rob Sonic feat. Milk Gold

Awol One, Upgrade, Diveyede, Mike Barnes

Wednesday 4/10

8:00 pm

This event is 21 and over

Rob Sonic
In 2000, Rob Sonic gained critical acclaim as the front man of the hip hop group Sonic Sum, whose first album The Sanity Annex won rave reviews in the United States, Europe and Japan, with Spin voting it the "2nd Best Album of the Year that No One Heard". Word got around and soon came offers from artists like DJ Krush and Funkstörung to work with them on their albums, a collaboration with Slug and Mike Ladd, as well as shout outs from Radiohead, Bobbito Garcia, Autechre and others.
In 2003, Rob Sonic signed to Definitive Jux after he and label head El-P realized they shared the same management. He released his first solo album Telicatessen on the label in 2004, and his second, Sabotage Gigante, in 2007. The song "Sniper Picnic" from Telicatessen was featured in the game Tony Hawk's American Wasteland. Additionally, the song "Brand New Vandals" was featured in Skate 3. Rob appears on the tracks "Dark Heart News" and "The Harbor Is Yours" from Aesop Rock's 2007 album None Shall Pass.
In 2011, Rob Sonic released the album Are You Gonna Eat That? on Rhymesayers Entertainment with Aesop Rock and DJ Big Wiz under the alias Hail Mary Mallon. The group's second album, Bestiary, was released in 2014 on the same label. Since Then, Rob has been on tour with local Seattle hero Onry Ozzborn and others while releasing music independently such as "Alice in Thunderdome" in 2014 and his most recent project, "Defriender" in 2018, which he has been touring throughout the country since its release. Rob Sonic aka Bobby Freedom is a legend in the indie hiphop scene with lyrical versatility, song construct and creativity.
Awol One
Los Angeles based rapper and illustrator.
Mike Barnes
British music journalist, author and musician. A regular contributor to 'The Wire' and 'MOJO' music magazines.

In 1996 he began the task of writing a biography of the life & works of Don Van Vliet, shelving the results in dissatisfaction in 1998 and beginning again (vowing not to cut his hair until it was complete). His book "Captain Beefheart, The Biography" was published in 2000 to much acclaim. He has continued to add to its content, also attending the 2002 symposium of Beefheart work at the Knitting Factory in New York with Fast 'N' Bulbous.
Venue Information:
925 E. Pike St.
Seattle, WA, 98122